The Spirit of Giving

Formed in October 1991, Charitable Care Foundation (CCF) is proud to have accomplishment it's mission to help needy people become healthy, productive, and self-reliant. Our efforts and resources are focused on local and international needs- particularly in the Bay Area of California and India.

To contact us: Charitable Care Foundation Attn: Mr. Vinod Patel, Secretary 6400 Barron Place, Gilroy, CA 95020

Message from Our Heart

During last 15 years our non-profit organization has raised and distributed funds around the world. With support of generous donors, fund raising program sponsor and well-wisher, CCF successfully distributed amount for medical, surgical and emergency services, eye camp, educational and hospital building, housing for senior citizen, food package distributions during flood and cyclone disaster, thanks giving dinners, tsunami and earthquake victims.
On the last Rass-Garba, film and folk dance competition, more than 560 performers, more than 40 choreographers, made event so flourishing and remarkable. Forty-seven (47) items, with significant talents from tiny tots, youngster and seniors, has performed with wide creativity. Our sincere efforts are to enhance our culture, to preserve our heritage and to encourage youngster along with service to humanity. By doing this yearly fundraising event, CCF have increased community awareness in helping needy and deserving throughout the world.
We are sure your involvement will make difference in the lives of others as well as in your life. When we give from our heart, it generates long lasting peace, joy and happiness. We pry almighty to give us strength to help the needy so that there will not be poor, sick, and hungry around the world.